Minesinger’s Mavericks

Many visits to the physician are for advice on weight loss or how to be healthier. Because of this, Dr. Kimberly Minesinger has started an exercise program that is free of charge to any of our patients, called Minesinger’s Mavericks. For our patients that are struggling with weight, this program can be a great benefit.

Every Monday and Wednesday the Mavericks meet for a yoga class. The yoga class is instructed by Susan Enlow. Susan has been teaching exercise classes for over 20 years and works locally teaching classes at Corona LA Fitness.

Every Saturday the group meets at Lincoln Park in Corona at 7am to exercise. The group does some stretches, walking, jogging and a cool down. They are finished by 8am every time. It is great exercise and a nice healthy way to start your weekend.

If you are having trouble losing weight or just want to become healthier, this program is a great way to get it done. The group is for everyone, regardless of the level of shape they are in, and is free of charge to our members.