Electronic Medical Records

According to SK&A, a market research company in the healthcare industry, 67% of medical groups with four or more physicians do not use electronic medical records. We have seen studies that say even fewer medical offices are on electronic medical records. Citrus Valley Medical Associates Inc. has been using electronic medical records since 2004.

Electronic medical records (EMR) provides the physicians, staff and patients many great benefits. If you are a current patient in our group and go to any of our locations, including the Urgent Care, they have instant access to your electronic chart. There is no more waiting for notes or reports to be sent over. E-prescribing allows us to send your prescription to your pharmacy before you even leave the doctor’s office. Interfaces with our lab and radiology vendors allows for results to go directly into your electronic chart. The Webview portal gives our patients access to their medical information through the web.

The benefits seem to be endless. We are constantly trying to improve our capabilities and uses of our EMR system and will continue to update you with our progress.